Adrasan Güneş Airport Location Camping Transfer;

Located in Adrasan in the Kumluca district of Antalya, Adrasan Güneş’s location is 99 km from Camping Antalya city center and 108 km from Antalya Airport. The transfer time from Antalya Airport to Adrasan takes an average of 1 hour and 42 minutes in normal weather conditions.

We carry out Antalya Airport transfer service with our professional drivers, comfortable and well-maintained vehicles, our large and experienced field operations team behind it, on time and economically. We are making all our efforts and efforts to ensure that the Adrasan Güneş Location Camping – Airport transfer service is perfect, smooth and timely.

Adrasan airport transfer reservation for the date and time of arrival, number of people, and the passenger in terms of safety, the first and last names of people to travel with us, and also the name of the airline passenger who was to come by plane, the flight number will necessarily need to notify us with the time and place of departure. In order not to wait at the airport, we are informed that your plane has landed on the runway via the flight tracking system.

We are planning to do a transfer service to Antalya airport adrasan we do the best holiday region, you have a problem and if you have problems e-mail address and 7-Day 24-hour service +90 850 255 07 23 inform your telephone number, in order to serve you better is of great importance.

There is a taxi service in the Antalya Adrasan resort area. But the distance from Antalya Airport dec Adras Dec is 109 kilometers, and the usual taxi fare costs between 450-500 TL. Given this taxi fare, you can get a more comfortable, economical and reliable transfer service at a more affordable price. You can proceed with the transfer reservation by selecting one of the vehicles located below.

Adrasan Güneş Airport Location Camping Transfer;

There are 3 different options for paying the transfer fee in case of booking an Airport Adrasan transfer using the online booking form available on our website.

Pay the full fee by credit card
Pay 20% of the fee by credit card, pay the remaining fee by cash or credit card after transfer
Pay the full fee by cash or credit card after the transfer.