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The Ancient City of Olympos

It is believed that the word ”Olympos“ means ”great mountain” in ancient Greek. More than twenty mountains and hills on Earth bear this name, and some nearby towns and cities have also received this name. The most famous of these hills is the Thessalian hill, located in the north-east of Greece, which is considered the home of the ancient Greek gods. The Ancient City of Olympos takes its name from the Tahtali mountain, formerly known as Mount Olympos.

Tahtali Mountain is located 10 kilometers north of the city and houses the never-ending fire known today as Yanartaş on its outskirts. Olympos has been one of the most important cities of the ancient Lycian civilization. The foundations of the city date back to the ancient Hellenistic period, BC. it was built around 300. It is known that Alexander the Great spent the winter months in Phaselis, a port city adjacent to Olympos, in the years when he first started his conquests.

It is the first time that Olympus has been traced in historical records BC. it is found in the year 78, the year when Servilius Vatia, the Roman Governor of Sicily, defeated the greatest pirate of the time, Zenicetes, in a naval battle. Zenicetes, who took control of the entire nearby coastline by hiding his ships in the secret ports of Porto Genoese and Sazak, also built Olympos a fortress for himself. After the city came under Roman rule again, it was declared as an “ager publicus” (Roman property that was put up for sale or rented out).

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It is said that the pirates arranged strange sacrificial ceremonies and secret rites for the Persian god Mitras. Mitras is the god of pure spirit and light in Persian mythology, which was widely believed in many eastern countries in those years. MS. in 43, Lycia joined the Roman Empire. Festivals are organized for the patron of the city of Olympos, the Greek god Hephaistos.

In the MS. of the Emperor Hadrian. it is also mentioned in the records that he visited the city in the year 130. Olympos was home to a bishop when the Roman Empire was in the process of Christianization. 3. As a result of the constant attacks of pirates on the city since the XVIII century, the population of the city has gradually decreased and the city has lost its former importance. 11. And 12. In the hundreds of years, the city was rebuilt by the Genoese, Venetians and Knights of Rhodes and used as a trading port during the crusades.

The city of Olympos was the 15th capital of the Ottoman Navy. It was abandoned during the domination of the eastern Mediterranean in the XVIII century. Olympos is a part of the Olympos-Bey Mountains National Park, which is connected to the city of Antalya, covering the southern coast of Turkey. The Bey Mountains are located on the western flank of the Taurus range. As you dec down from the snowy hills, the turquoise color of the Mediterranean Sea is seen among the lush pine and cedar trees. In summary, Olympos was one of the most feared pirate cities of tue era. It is believed that the graves of many pirate commanders of his era were also found in this ruins.


The fact that the fire of Chimera (Chimaera), the ancient Lycian ancient city, is considered sacred from the underground, is based on the Homeric texts. According to legend, the three-headed beast named Chimera, which is a mixture of lion, goat and snake, has fires coming out of its mouth as it breathes. The Lycian King of the period sends the young Bellophontes to kill the monster and succeeds in this together with his young winged horse Pegasus.

When Chimera takes off to attack, Bellophontes stabs the monster with his spear and buries it seven times below the ground. Chimera continues to make fire from here to this day.

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